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Whether you have a simple small outline package or a high-end BGA, we’ve got a test solution for you.

  • FICT — Flying probe test
    • Seica Pilot LX (off-site)
    • 4 Independent flying probes
    • Functional test
    • Optical inspection
    • On-board programming
    • Vectorless test
    • Boundary scan
    • Advanced connection test
    • Flexible, high level test description language
    • Device-centric approach
    • Testing and programming non-JTAG devices
    • Bespoke functional testing tailored to product application
    • Utilising customer supplied or in-house produced test equipment
    • Votsch 7027-20 environmental stress screening oven
    • Temperature and humidity cycling
    • Temperature range +180°C to -70°C
    • Maximum rate of change 20°C per minute
Test and inspection

Test & inspection

Visual inspection

Every assembly we produce is 100% visually inspected to the internationally recognised IPC standard by highly experienced and qualified staff.

BGA inspection/rework

ERSA Scope 2 Plus
The World’s best optical inspection system for BGA, flip chip and CSP
Metal Halide light source, fibre optic light brush and fan
High Resolution BGA optical lens, wide angle and flip chip lens

3rd generation BGA rework centre
Live video image

Automated optical inspection

Mirtec MV3L
5 camera system: 1 top down, 4 side angle
4 Mega pixel top, 2 mega pixel side angle
Height measuring laser for co-planarity

ALeader ALD625 Proi3D offline AOI
I3D technology, 4M pixel high speed camera
Shadow free , FAI, SPC barcode reader
2D solder paste inspection, wave soldering inspection

X-Ray inspection system

Piergiacomi XBIM50 X-Ray inspection system
Desktop 60kV X-Ray system
Unicomp AX-8200HR Si3D X-Ray inspection system

90KV X-Ray System
Digital camera 450× magnification
140° tilt range, Si3D images, step and repeat programming

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