Celebrating 25 years of success

Challenger Solutions is a Contract Electronics Manufacturing company that specialises in complex PCB Assembly, offering extremely reliable solutions for surface mount and through-hole technologies.

Founded in 1994.

Providing customers with the best possible service and aiming to surpass their expectations have been our ethos and the backbone of our strategy from day one.

Today this is still our focus — from a one-off rapid prototype to production batches of 1,000+ fully assembled PCBA units.

Our certifications


AS9100 – The international Quality Management System standard for the Aviation, Space and Defence industry.


ISO9001 – The international standard that specifies requirements for a Quality Management System.


ISO14001 – The international standard that sets out the requirements for an effective Environmental Management System.

Why Challenger?

We often get asked this question. We’re a people company: Happy skilled staff, great customers and great suppliers.

We don’t have products, we sell a service — It’s always going to be about relationships.

We have an ethos, a commitment to focus on delivering quality products, consistently and we’re proud of it.

It’s what we strive for.

It’s all about the people


From a humble beginning, we now employ over 80 members of staff.

Meet the team

We’ve been successfully trading for 25 years. Our products operate globally every second of every day.

Electronics we manufacture dive beneath the ocean, go deep in mines, fly high in the skies, work in schools, colleges and universities, operate in hospitals, airports, banks and supermarkets, perform in theatres and film studios, manage commerce and food manufacture, support UK defence, maritime, prosthetics, national security, environment monitoring and rally at weekends in F1.